Seattle Judge Upholds Gun And Ammunition Tax Despite Opposition

A Seattle judge is paving the path for funding gun violence research and prevention via a brilliant court ruling – much to the dismay of the NRA.

In the recent years, the sales of firearms and weapons have seen a notable rise in the United States. Terror attacks such as those in San Bernardino and Paris spurred waves of people to purchase weapons or at least have access to a concealed weapon permit.

In the wake of the above terrorist activities, King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson ruled on Tuesday that a new tax on ammunition and guns would be put into effect on Jan. 1, 2016.

However, the National Rifle Association and other gun rights organizations are not at all happy with the ruling and hope to appeal the decision. The appeal will state that the new ruling goes against Washington’s state law that prohibits localities from legislating gun laws.

“We are disappointed and strongly disagree with Judge Palmer Robinson’s ruling, and we are confident that the State Court of Appeals will ultimately concur with our position,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “SAF and NRA are very familiar with the state preemption statute because we teamed up once before against Seattle and beat the city soundly four years ago.”

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“This tax is a violation not only of state preemption but also the state tax laws,” he added. “It is unconscionable for Mayor Ed Murray and the City Council to codify what amounts to social bigotry against firearms retailers and their customers, and we are going to fight this vigorously in defense of a state preemption law that has served Washington citizens well for more than three decades” Gottlieb added.

On the other hand, Judge Robinson has termed the city’s action as a “lawful exercise of Seattle’s taxing authority” hoping that the new tax incorporated will regulate the sale of firearms.

The ruling comes with a brilliant future plan that states the taxes generated from the sale of ammunition and firearms will be used to fund programs aimed to research and prevent gun violence. The law approving a $25 tax on guns and a 5-cent tax on bullets sold within the city limits was passed by the Seattle City Council in August. The law further stated that  a mandatory report should be filed in case guns are lost or stolen.

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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray believes the law will help assist future research and assist gun violence prevention.  

"For too long, we have had insufficient research and data on gun violence to help guide our response,” he said. “We will now have critical funding to advance our work on gun-violence research and prevention."

In America, more people are killed from guns than car crashes on an annual basis. In such times, there is a dire need for laws like the one being implemented by Judge Robinson. After all, there has to be some kind of control on the amount of ammunition being sold to people, or else, things are sure to go out of hand in the near future.

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