Marshawn Lynch Gifts McDonald's Worker $500 For A Wonderful Reason

The Seattle Seahawks running back might get grief for how he deals with the media, but he certainly has a big heart both on and off the field.

Seahawk Marshawn Lynch

Seahawk’s Marshawn Lynch has a bad reputation for his antics in front of the camera and the way he deals with overbearing fans. However, it appears that along with being a free spirit and a fierce runner, Beast Mode has one of the biggest hearts when he is not being disturbed by hordes of reporters and arrogant aficionados.

As TMZ reports, the Seattle running back stopped by a Dallas-area McDonald’s after a win against Cowboys last weekend, where a 17-year-old employee complimented his shoes.

“I told him I liked his shoes — navy blue Buscemis  and how I wanted to buy a pair and we all started talking,” recalled Terrance Downs, who was mopping the restaurant's floors when Lynch entered.

Lynch then asked the teenager about school and what he wanted to do with his life, which led to Downs explaining his interest in fashion and how he aspired to own a boutique.

Apparently, the athlete like what he heard, because next thing you know, he was handing out $500 to the fast-food employee.

“If you're serious about getting those shoes, here's some money to help you get 'em,” Lynch said, according to Downs. “My job is to continue to see you grow.”

It turns out, the teenager did buy the Buscemis, and he told TMZ that his is more motivated to succeed after meeting Lynch, particularly so "I can do the same thing for someone else one day."

A representative for the owner of the McDonald's has confirmed the interaction between Lynch and Downs.

“Marshawn left a huge impact on Terrance,” the spokesperson added.

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