Secret Service Scrutinized After Man Armed With A Knife Breaks Into White House

The Obamas weren't home, but the Secret Service evacuated the White House.

Most people who jump the security fence at the White House quickly find themselves under the boots of the Secret Service. But on Friday, a man not only jumped the fence, he got into the mansion.

It was the first time that's happened, The Washington Post reports

Disturbing details about the accused man, Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, are emerging: he was reportedly armed with a knife. He is an Iraq war veteran and served as a sniper. And somehow, he managed to sprint 70 yards across the lawn and enter the White House before the Secret Service stopped him.

The incident prompted a review of security measures, the Post reported, especially as Gonzalez was just one staircase away from the first family's living quarters and the Secret Service didn't release attack dogs.

People nearby captured Gonzalez running across the lawn as an officer evacuates the Pennsylvania Avenue sidewalk. Security also evacuated a portion of the White House, including many journalists. 

The Obamas were en route to Camp David at the time. 

The Secret Service head ordered a full review about the incident and response, in addition to stepping up security measures at the White House.

Despite that, on Saturday yet another man broke through the security perimeter.

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