Six Gunmen Open Fire At Bus, Killing 47 In Pakistan

At least 47 are dead and several injured as gunmen open fire on a bus carrying members of a minority community.

Grief and horror struck Pakistan again as six gunmen entered a bus and opened fire, killing at least 47 people, including 16 women, and injuring several others.

The shooting is apparently a part of the sectarian violence haunting the country for decades, given that the targeted vehicle was a community bus for Ismails, a sub-sect of the Shiite community in Pakistan.

There is also a matter of a pamphlet allegedly found at the site:

Pakistan is divided between two major Islamic sects: Sunnis and Shiites, the latter forming a small minority of 20% of the population. Sectarian violence is at a high in the country with incidents targeting religious minorities.

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gunmen kill 43 on Karachi Ismaili Shia bus

Despite protests from the masses and the government’s effort, little to no success has been achieved in attempts to curb the increasing sectarian violence. From 2000 to 2010, an estimated total of 2,000 Hazara Shiites were killed.

Attacking their buses and mosques are unfortunately common incidents.

The year 2013 saw an all-time high in the sectarian violence incidents in Pakistan, with a depressing 128 episodes of violence killing 525 people and injuring 914.

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Though the people of Pakistan have shown their disgust for such hate crimes and have never shied away from taking to the streets and standing up for the rights of all religions and sects, extremist elements manage to outweigh them.

Groups in the Sunni faction, like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, are suspected to be behind major sectarian incidents. Persian Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia, allegedly funds these groups. These allegations are backed by sources like WikiLeaks, which revealed a gift of $100 million to extremist Wahhabi preachers in Southern Punjab.

Unfortunately intolerance for any religion other than Islam – Sunni Islam at that – is common. HindusChristians, Shiites, Ismailis, AhmedisSufi worshipers – no one is safe.

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