10 Wackiest Projects U.S. Government Spends Your Tax Dollars On

Did you know the government of United States spent approximately $375,000 of taxpayer money to study dating habits of senior citizens?

No one is immune to making strange and bogus decisions — not even the government, apparently.

Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford recently introduced his “Federal Fumbles” list  a compilation of 100 government ventures that he termed “prime examples of wasteful spending.”

“The fumble book that we have isn’t just waste,” Lankford said in a statement. “It’s also areas where the federal government has violated its trust responsibilities. Wasting taxpayer dollars. Programs that are rife with fraud. Duplications and inefficiency. Overregulating that raises the cost of goods and services for the consumer.”

The football-themed report singles out all the wasteful spending and burdensome regulations, for instance, spending $683,600 for projects that feature silent adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays. However, along with highlighting inefficiencies and duplications in the federal budget, Lankford’s book also offers policy solutions to each of the problems.

Check out 10 of the wackiest ventures that U.S. government has spent taxpayers’ hard earned dollars on, in the video above.

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