Dem Senator: ‘5-Year-Old Trump’ Near A ‘Nuclear Trigger Is Very Scary’

“Right now we have an incoming president who has kind of the maturity of a 5-year-old wrapped by massive ego,” said Sen Jeff Merkley.

A Democratic senator believes President-elect Donald Trump has a mind of a child after he posted a controversial nuclear policy tweet.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore), in an interview with MSNBC’c Chris Hayes, said, “Right now we have an incoming president who has kind of the maturity of a 5-year-old wrapped by massive ego. To have that just a second away from a nuclear trigger is very, very scary.”

On Thursday, Trump, without any thought to international relations, as is his wont, tweeted out that the United States “must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.”



Trump doubled up the frightening statement in an MSNBC interview by saying, “Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.”

Predictably, the tweet garnered a lot of backlash from politicians, including former New Mexico Governor and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Bill Richardson, according to whom, the country has 7,000 nuclear warheads and was committed to reducing them – not increasing them, as Trump’s tweet suggested.

His comments also alarmed the arms-control community and anti-nuclear activists who believe Trump now means to start a global nuclear war once he becomes president.

Merkley, regarding the complicated nuclear policies, also added, “This is an area where it’s constrained by international agreements, as it should be because of the risk of nuclear weapons.”

Trump is very proud of belonging to the Republican Party and his team often refers it as “the party of Abraham Lincoln.”

However, Merkely believes Trump is very much now going against the grain of his predecessors.

“[Trump’s] going very much against the structure that his good friend[s] [former President Richard] Nixon and [former President Ronald] Reagan previously followed,” added Merkley.




The founders of the Republican Party must be rolling in their graves now.

Banner/ thumbnail credit: Reuters