Republican Tries To Debunk Global Warming With A Snowball

An Oklahoma senator thinks that if you can build a snowman, there’s no global warming.

Senator Jim Inhofe, who chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee, tossed a snowball on the Senate floor to argue his case that everything we’ve been hearing about global warming and climate change is a hoax.

The Oklahoma senator used a snowball as a prop – because as per his logic, if it’s cold outside, then man hasn’t done enough damage to mess around the natural cycle of climate change.

And of course, because a snowball was thrown at the Senate, people on social media had to have their say.

It’s quite unfortunate that Inhofe happens to actually have a say on bills affecting the environment – and that he takes the phrase “global warming” a bit too literally without looking into the science of it (or at least, judging by his actions, acknowledging it.)  

And someone has even made an account for the snowball, so that it feels important enough. 

The concern for climate change is a complex phenomenon and it's about a lot more than temperatures rising.

Sadly and ironically, Inhofe probably used the perfect metaphor – it’s just lost on him because the matter of climate change will probably “snowball” into a problem that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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