Senator Joe Manchin: Absolutely Going To Bring Back Gun Control Bill (VIDEO)


In an interview to Fox News on Sunday, Senator Joe Manchin told Chris Wallace that he had not given up on background checks bill he co-authored with Senator Pat Toomey.

The Senate on April 17 rejected a bipartisan plan to expand background checks for gun buyers.

“The only thing we have asked for is for people to read the bill,” said Manchin. He said that once people read the bill and the adjustments that have been made to it, they would certainly vote for it.

Sen. Manchin was once a very strong supporter of the NRA but after the Sandy Hook shooting, he is of the opinion that time has come for the nation to ‘rethink gun control’.

Together with fellow colleague Senator Pat Toomey, Manchin hopes that they would absolutely bring back the gun control bill.

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