Serial Killer Linked To Attacks In 3 States

Authorities say a knife-wielding slasher suspected in five killings and eight other stabbings in Michigan since mid-May may be responsible for similar attacks in two other states. "We're worried that there's somebody out there who may be stabbing people and committing crimes of homicide," Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said during a police press conference Monday. "We're going after that individual."Last week, authorities in Flint announced that a lone serial killer was responsible for 13 stabbings in Flint. Among them, five men died. All of the surviving victims, with the exception of one, were African-American. Now, since the case has started attracting national media attention, police say they suspect the man is responsible for two additional stabbings in Michigan, as well as similar attacks in Virginia and Ohio. The most recent attacks occurred in Leesburg, Va., last week. The victims, who have not been identified, are described as three men. Two are African-American and the third is Latino. All three survived the attacks. According to police, the profile of the suspect, his method of operation and the description of his vehicle fit the same pattern as the Michigan attacks.