Seven Crazy Petitions That Show Why The White House Is Raising The Threshold

The White House is raising its threshold for how many signatures it requires for a petition to receive official review. Here are seven that make it clear what gave them that idea.

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The Obama Administration made an announcement that will save them a lot of time: the threshold for official White House review of petitions submitted on their We The People is quadrupling from 25,000 signatures to 100,000 signatures. Why, you ask? Well it turns out it's easy enough to get 25,000 people to sign on to a lot of things.

Here are ten petitions that received over 25,000 signatures that the Obama Administration is sorry they had to deal with:

Impeach Dianne Feinstein. Yes, 33,549 people thought that the Democratic Senator from California should be impeached. The reason: she announced that she will introduce new gun legislation in 2013. Apparently Gary B of Portland, the petition's creator, thinks the 2nd ammendment is so far-reaching that it precludes anyone from, not just introducing gun legislation, but announcing that you will do so. (Another petition suggests we try Sen. Feinstein for treason).

Speaking of amendments, some people don't know about the first one, such as No O, who wants the government to outlaw offending prophets of major religions, namely Jesus, Mohammed and Moses. And 37,991 people agree.

68,577 people are sore losers. And hey, I have been too on certain first Wednesdays of November, but these folks want to recount the election. How about this: we recount this election AND the 2000 one. Deal?

The Many Secession Petitions. Most states in the union asked to leave after the last election. At least 25,000 of its residents did. Makes one wonder if they realize that some of their governors are a lot more progressive than Obama.

And hey, 36,035 people agree that Jeff B of Orlando, FL should be able to enjoy a fine, unregulated cigar. Apparently any regulations on fine cigars could cost us 85,000 jobs. That...sounds wrong. I think Jeff B will continue to purchase cigars even if there are new regulations.

This one is not happening, but it's a great idea: Switch to the metric system. We are one of the last holdouts, even though the powers-of-10-based metric system is clearly superior to our arbitrary "Imperial" system.

And finally, a petition that someone in the administration clearly had fun responding to: sorry America, we will not be building a death star.

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