This Has To Be The Most Disturbing "Welcome" Message For Refugees

Refugees were given a graphic greeting at this town in Netherlands in yet another alleged episode of Islamophobia in Europe.

Some unidentified people left 14 severed pig heads at the entrance of a refugee center in the Dutch town of Eschmarkerveld near the city of Enschede.

The video, which was released Thursday on YouTube, shows pigs’ decapitated heads at the gate  and also lying around on the road to the refugee center. The police also found a bag full of blood in which the heads were purportedly transported.

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Many are calling it an anti-Muslim hate crime since the pig or swine is considered as “impure” by the members of Muslim faith and they are forbidden to consume pork or use any products derived from it.

Islamopobhia is increasing in Europe at an alarming rate and not just after the Paris attacks. It has been going on for many years now.

The most disturbing instance in this regard would be the deadly Norway attacks of 2011, which claimed over 70 lives. The perpetrator, Anders Behring Breivik even said in his confession that his attacks were atrocious but necessary for his campaign to defend Europe against a Muslim invasion. 

As of July 2015, Islamophobic crimes have risen by 70 percent in London alone. Around 816 hate crimes against Muslims were recorded in this period, which is quite high when compared with 478 for the previous 12-month period. Britain’s Metropolitan police recorded 500 Islamophobic crimes in 2013, up from 336 in 2012 and 318 in 2011.

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