Shaquan Duley Admits To Killing Her Two Children

Shaquan Duley has confessed to smothering her two children with her bare hands, placing them in a vehicle, and driving into a river, according to police. This story eerily resembles the Susan Smith case from 1994. Watch video footage of the gruesome discovery. Shaquan Duley was reportedly unemployed, in financial strain and unable to care for her children. She was desperate and admittedly smothered two of her children, ages 1 and 2, then drove her van into a river with the children strapped to their seats. The bodies of the two toddlers were found in a submerged van on Monday. Authorities in South Carolina received a call reporting the incident and later questioned Duley. Her stories were allegedly inconsistent and she showed a wide range of emotions. Her original story, according to police, described her jumping into the river to save her children. Her clothes were completely dry though, when the police found her. Shaquan Duley will be charged with first degree murder on Wednesday. This case sounds eerily like the 1994 Susan Smith tragedy. Smith, also from South Carolina, was convicted of drowning her two children, ages 3 and 1, by driving her car into a lake. She is currently serving a life sentence.