Reporter "Hacked By Obama Administration" Has Another, Much Bigger Problem: She's Dumb

Sharyl Attkisson thinks the government is trying to silence her. Really, she just needs to learn to use a keyboard.

Reporter Sharyl Attkisson styled herself into an anti-Obama crusader, determined to report the truth as an evil administration tried to squash her truth-telling.

She even accused the administration of hacking into her computer to stop her from reporting on the truth behind the Benghazi U.S. consulate attacks. Attkisson, a former CBS news correspondent, said the government controlled her computer to such an extent that words and whole chunks of text would disappear as she typed.

Real-time hacking! Stop the presses!

Maybe Attkisson has never heard of the delete key. Or realizes that when it gets stuck, things get, you know, deleted.

Attkisson's breathless accusations are really just breathless stupidity. How can someone be this computer-illiterate in the digital age, especially a reporter?

Attkisson's own video, above, does show huge sections of text deleted as she types in Word. There's a good reason for that.

"From what we looked at and what we were able to replicate, from that piece of video we don't see what we would call evidence of hacking," Brad Moore, of Interhack Corp, told Media Matters. "There are multiple explanations and we were able to demonstrate quickly and easily one possibil[ity], the backspace key."

Attkisson's problem is probably less government interference and more a lesson about why you shouldn't eat toast over your keyboard. Stuck crumbs can do amazing things, like convince you that you've been hacked and go on to become a right-wing media darling, all because you don't understand basic functions of a keyboard.

Attkisson was "pushed out" of CBS, according to Vox, for her increasingly anti-Obama bias. Some fellow employees said she was obsessed with Benghazi and proving a government cover up, creating an impartiality problem CBS eventually couldn't ignore.

Let's not kid ourselves: the Obama administration is one of the more secretive, controlling administrations in recent times and its relationship with the press is often strained. 

But if nefarious government officials are going to hack a computer and delete "damning" reporting, they 100% have a better way to do that than highlighting and deleting text as the person watches in real time.

By the way, Ms. Attkisson, always shoot video horizontally. Anyone who's ever used a computer can tell you that.

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