Shock And Confusion Over Death Of Baby Gorilla

The Zoo's nearly 16-month-old female western lowland gorilla had a horrific accident.

Animal advocates are asking questions — but the San Francisco Zoo isn't answering them — after a sad and horrible death of the Zoo's youngest gorilla. 

The zoo released a statement reporting that Kabibe, the Zoo's 16-month-old female western lowland gorilla, was crushed by a hydraulic door in the gorillas' night quarters as the animals were headed in for the evening.

In the statement, the Zoo says that Kabibe "unexpectedly darted" beneath the door as it was closing.

"This type of accident is extremely rare," the statement read. "The Zoo wishes to assure the public that all animal care protocol at the facility is specifically designed with animal safety as the top priority."

According to reports, there have been at least two other fatal incidents involving animals and hydraulic doors at zoos in Washington, D.C., and in Canada.

The Zoo wasn't answering questions regarding any safety measures in place, as a spokesperson says that "the Zoo will refrain from interviews and media visits at this time."

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