Shocking! Murder-Suicide Seen By Floyd Mayweather On FaceTime

World champion boxer Floyd Mayweather was FaceTiming with his friend and witnessed the murder-suicide.

The tragic murder-suicide of a rapper and his TV star girlfriend has a shocking twist: world-champion Floyd Mayweather saw the horrific crime go down on FaceTime. 

Rapper Earl Hayes called Floyd on FaceTime Monday morning in a rage. He claimed his wife -- VH1 star Stephanie Moseley -- had been unfaithful.

According to sources, Earl said he was going to kill his wife. The boxing champ pled with him to calm down but it didn't work. Hayes shot and killed his wife, then turned the gun on himself. 

Floyd will not say how much he saw, but he acknowledges he was a witness and heard everything.  

Just hours after witnessing the awful crime, Mayweather sat courtside at the L.A. Clippers basketball game Monday night. 

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