Shocking Photos! Mom Tries To Sell Son To Pay For Daughter's Cancer Treatment

The mom's handmade sign offered to sell her son to the highest bidder

Poverty-stricken parents took to the streets to auction off their son to the highest bidder. 

The reason? They need money to pay for cancer treatment to save the life of his twin sister. The little girl has acute leukemia and the parents were told that she would die without urgent medical treatment.

Horrifying and sad photos show 29-year-old Meng Xiangyan, the mom of the twins, on the streets in Eastern China.

She said: "Up until a year ago we had a wonderful family and we thought we had everything we could need with a wonderful little boy and a wonderful little girl who are twins.  But all that changed when my daughter was diagnosed as suffering from leukaemia in August of last year and we spent all of our savings and borrowed everything we could from friends and relatives."

The family have sold their apartment and everything in it and now live in a tiny flat near the medical center treating thier daughter. 

It still wasn't enough, and now we are hoping to raise cash from the sale of our son."


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