A Man Offered Him A Baby For $50. It Changed His Life.

'Shoot the Skies' is the best daily photo project we've heard of in a long time.

Imagine visiting a new country and photographing your travels when you get an unbelievable offer: Buy my baby for $50. 

It happened to photographer Tanner Wendell Stewart on a trip to Bulgaria in 2012. 

"That moment really was the most life-changing moment of my life," Stewart says. "To experience human trafficking on a first-hand level, that it's not just a statistic, but now it's actually the face of this baby, has completely shifted my compassion and desire to help this cause."

Stewart launched "Shoot the Skies," a photo project dedicated to fighting human trafficking in its many forms. 

"Can you imagine being stolen from your home and sold into slavery? What would it be like to be treated as a commodity instead of a human being, bought and sold for sex, having no value except for the skin that covers you?

"This project exists to bring a voice to the voiceless and to show you that beauty and light can be found even in darkness."

One hundred percent of the funds donated to and generated by "Shoot the Skies" goes to the A21 Campaign to fight human trafficking. Learn more about Stewart's amazing work as he fights these crimes one frame at a time.

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