Show That Pranked Kate Middleton's Hospital Cancelled

Following the suicide of the nurse who fell for the prank call of the radio show Hot 30 on Australia's 2Day FM

What started as a simple prank snowballed into a suicide, and now the cancelling of a radio show. Australian radio station 2Day FM cancelled Hot 30, the show that had an unlucky amount of success in pranking the hospital housing Kate Middleton. The nurse who took the call, and gladly gave out medical information to who she thought was the Queen of England and Prince Charles, killed herself days later, and now the show has been cancelled, and, not surprisingly, the station has banned prank phone calls.

Mel Greig (aka, fake Queen Elizabeth), was not sorry to have lost her airtime:

I don't even want to think about going back on air, to be honest.

It's a tale of cascading overreactions (not the cancelling of the show, which is more than sensible):

The media and its consumers went berserk over Kate Middleton's pregnancy, the blogosphere went bonkers over the unwittingly successful prank call, the nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, was apparently pushed over the edge by the embarrassment, after making what most would call a forgivable mistake.

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