Drunken Outburst Lands Passenger In A World Of Hurt And Duct Tape

When an obviously drunk Russian passenger starting rampaging, fellow passengers took control.

One of the problems with having an intoxicated, out of control man on the plane is that you don’t have many options with what to do with him. Landing a plane to get rid of him seems like a rather drastic approach but letting him continue with his antics isn’t a viable option either.

A drunken Russian man boarded flight 546 from Hong Kong to Vladivostok on Siberia Airlines, and started verbally abusing people around him. The fellow passengers finally had enough and a half-dozen took him down and tied him up with duct tape and seat belts.

The man was restrained for the rest of the trip and was detained by the Vladivostok police on arrival.

There are big questions about how a man so obviously wasted was allowed on the plane in the first place. Siberia Airlines’ reputation would have taken a serious hit had the drunken passenger physically attacked anyone in the plane.

Having stricter rules for flights and making sky marshals an obligation for every commercial flight might be the steps global aviation authorities have to take to curb such display of in-flight misconduct as well as mob mentality from the passengers.

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