Sikh Man Who Took Off Turban To Save A Stranger Gets Amazing Surprise

Keep calm and attract good things in your life. After 22-year-old Harman Singh heard what sounded like all the makings of a disaster.

Screeching wheels and a dull thud, he ran outside to the sight of a young boy lying injured on the road. Blood oozed from Daejon Pahia’s head after he was hit by a car. Singh then did what seemed right to him: he removed his turban and wrapped it around Daejon’s head to stop the bleeding.

What made his act of kindness even more heart-touching was that the turban is an integral part of Sikhism and men are remove turbans only in the seclusion and privacy of one’s home. Of course, this fact escaped no-one’s attention and everyone was in awe of this young man. So when news channels showed his humble abode which lacked furniture.

The staff at Good News Network wanted to do something special for him, if only to encourage such acts of kindness. So staffers at the site surprised Harman with a truckload of furniture for his apartment. Harman was overwhelmed by this gesture and amid tears said, "This is the biggest surprise of my life."

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