Mall Sells Discounted Maids In Singapore

In Singapore you can swing by the mall for a new phone and a maid.

When will people learn it's not OK to put humans on display and "sell" them like animals? 

Just after an infuriating Instagram account about Kuwaitis tracking down their "owned" maids came to light, here's a new story of domestic workers dehumanized -- and an entire mall of people just looking the other way.

A mall in Singapore has what basically amounts to a maid emporium with galleries of maids on display. Some sit quietly while others have to perform the same task, like changing a baby's diaper or ironing a shirt, over and over every day as prospective employers watch, Al Jazeera reports.

The maid market gets worse when you hear the sales pitches, like maids from the Philippines are smarter and Burmese maids are extra compliant. Some women are even hired out at "super discounts."

One maid compared the strange galleries to "dolls at a supermarket," Al Jazeera reports.

It's particularly troubling this is all happening in Singapore, where domestic workers historically are treated like garbage. Maids had to fight for even a single day off a week, the hours are relentless and workers are tied to agency contracts that are nearly impossible to break.

It's hard to believe we're still having these conversations about how to treat humans as, well, human in 2014.

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