Watch A Sinkhole Swallow Four Commuters At A Bus Stop In China

One woman manages to cling to a pipe for dear life as others plummet into the hole.

Four people waiting for a bus in Heilongjiang, China, suffered minor injuries as a sinhole suddenly opened under the pavement at the station and swallowed them in. 

A group of bystanders immediately came to their rescue and while four people were being pulled out of the hollow, one lady was seen trapped on a steal beam slightly below the pavement. The victims were sent to a hospital immediately for their injuries treated.

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China's Xinhua news tweeted the shocking CCTV footage of the people falling in the sinkhole on Wednesday. In the footage, you can clearly see one of the victims hanging on to an underground pipe, holding on for dear life.

According to local media, the crater was approximately 10 square meters wide and 2 meters deep. Authorities are still looking into what caused the sinkhole to form.

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