Sinkhole Swallows Up Australian Shoreline Along With Cars And Tents

Imagine camping on a beach - only to have it melt into the sea while you sleep.

A gigantic sinkhole eroded part of a camp site on a beach in Australia, plunging tents and cars into the water.

Aa section of beach slightly bigger than a soccer pitch at this seaside camp site in Australia began falling off into the ocean during the night.

It happened overnight. Luckily everyone was evacuated in time.

"We got woken up and they told us to get out and have a look so we got out and, yeah, got the car and the boat out and slept on the road last night and came back in and, yeah, the tent was still there luckily but next door lost their camper, it's in the water," says eyewitness Darren Chilton.

Some of the campers, tents and cars fell victim to the giant sinkhole.

Local authorities say geotechnical engineers continue to monitor the area.

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