Boy Trapped Under Truck Survives After Siri Calls 911

When a teen found himself trapped under his truck, an accidental Siri butt-dial saved his life.

For as long as butt-dials have existed, we’ve seen them as evil. Clogging up the emergency hotline, 40 percent of calls to 911 are courtesy of the butt-dial. However, for one very lucky 18-year-old in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a butt-dial might have just given him a whole new life.

Siri Iphone, Siri Calls 911

Sam Ray was busy working under his truck when the jack holding it up fell apart. Without any warning the 5,000-lb. machine came crashing down on him.

“It felt like my leg was breaking, I could just feel it bending,” Ray said.

The teen couldn’t move his arms to reach the iPhone in his back pocket. Fortunately, somewhere in the chaos the boy accidently summoned Siri, iPhone’s digital assistant.

Ray yelled at Siri to call 911. The dispatcher on the other end, Christina Lee, at first thought that call with a distant voice in the background was an accidental butt dial. Luckily, she persevered and listened to the teenager's faraway pleas for help. Although Lee started to track the boy’s location through signals to a certain accuracy, it was the victim yelling out his address himself that led to his timely rescue.  

Siri has been more than useful in a number of ways since "her" inception. And with Siri's performance in what doctors are calling “the butt-dial that saved a life,” it can be considered as one of her greatest achievements yet.

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