Ski Lift Malfunction Injures Several At Maine Resort


Several ski-lift riders fell to the ground and others were trapped in the air Tuesday when a lift a broke down at Sugarloaf Ski Resort in Maine.

Before the accident, high winds had delayed the opening of the lift. Conditions at the time of the accident were windy, but not unusually so following a major snowstorm, a spokesman for the resort said.

More than 200 people were trapped up to 90 minutes and as many as nine were injured, officials said.

Ethan Austin, a spokesman for the resort, said the derailment on one tower of the Spillway East lift happened around 10:30 a.m. ET, when lift's cable skipped over the edge of a pulley. Five of the lift's chairs fell 25 to 30 feet and hit the ground, he said.

"The chairs were pretty mangled, but the ski patrol was there right away," patron Ben Martin told CNN affiliate WCSH.