#SkipTheSpeech Gains Traction As Netanyahu's Insults Toward America Ignites Anger

Netanyahu has said many lies and disparaging remarks, which has motivated more people to commit to boycott the speech.

The Netanyahu speech has divided America once again. Democrats say that this could irreparably damage relations between Israel and the US, and that John Boehner overstepped his authority. Some Republicans on the other hand say that with Republicans taking over Congress that they have just as much authority and say to be able to invite Netanyahu to speak.


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This situation is interesting, because while stances align mainly between party lines, it doesn’t divide down exactly in the middle. For example, this video below shows the many times Netanyahu has lied, criticized the US, and actively spit in the face of America. It shows clips from people of both political parties, including clips from Fox News.

Hashtag #SkipTheSpeech has gained traction, encouraging people to boycott Netanyahu’s speech on the grounds that his plan will undermine the diplomatic process concerning Iran. His human rights violations are enough to make many discredit anything he has to say. 

Representative Early Blumenauer is one of the many that is outraged by the speech. He said, "I think Netanyahu has proven to have spectacular bad judgement. Remember, he was cheerleading with [former Vice President] Dick Cheney for the Iraq war, which he thought was such a great idea, leading us into the worst foreign policy disaster in American history and we're still paying the price for it."

People are anticipating the many lies Netanyahu might tell, especially considering what he has said in the past. Here is a video detailing some of those remarks. 


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