Sky Clears And Travellers Put On Happy Face

"Qantas, Singapore Airlines and British Airways have all started flying out of Australia to Europe as authorities open up the northern skies following nearly a week in limbo because of a volcanic ash cloud.In Europe, almost half the scheduled flights have been allowed to take off and Europe's busiest airport, London's Heathrow, has finally reopened.Scientists say there is still ash blowing out from the volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland, but there is not as much and it is not being blown as high into the atmosphere.Ominously, though, Iceland's president has warned that a much bigger volcano nearby, named Katla, may also be due to erupt.The Civil Aviation Authority's Dame Deirde says all UK airports can open from this morning (UK time). She says more is now understood about tolerance levels of aircraft to volcanic ash."