Slumdog Millionaire' Star's Home Destroyed In Mumbai

"Slumdog Millionaire" star Rubina Ali and her family were left homeless and destitute when a raging Mumbai slum fire gutted their one-room, tin-roofed shack.

Virtually all the family's belongings, along with much of the 12-year-old's memorabilia from her unlikely Hollywood success, were lost in the Friday blaze in the Garib Nagar neighborhood.

The star of the 2008 Oscar-winning best picture was rummaging through the ashes yesterday as her family huddled beneath a blanket in the still-smoldering ruins.

"We only have a few clothes left," said a choked-up Ali, who was just 8 when she played young Latika in the Danny Boyle film that swept to eight Academy Awards.

"We tried hard to salvage whatever we could before the fire spread," she said. "My pictures at the Oscars, all my memories, are all gone."

Although her role turned Ali into an international sensation, she never left the overcrowded slums where the film was set.

The Friday night fire swept through hundreds of tenements near the railroad tracks in northern Mumbai. Ali said her family was watching television in their cramped shanty when the shouts of "Fire!" began.

A total of 21 people were hurt and 2,000 left homeless by the blaze. Ali lives with her father, stepmother and two siblings.

Ali and her family are slated to move in the next few months into a new apartment in Bandra, a tony Mumbai suburb, with money from a trust set up by "Slumdog" director Boyle.

Her young "Slumdog" co-star, Azharuddin Mohammad, was relocated to his new home in July 2009.