Snoop Dogg Apparently Raising Millions For Weed Startups

Who better for this job than the 'Smoke Weed Everyday' star?

Snoop Dogg weed

Snoop Dogg, the musical genius who gave the world such gems as Gin n Juice and Drop It Like It's Hot is out again to do his bit for the society - by financing weed startups.

With marijuana being legalized in many US states, many businesses have been trying to cash in on the ludicrous opportunities that the drug offers. There is American Green that makes infinitely awesome pot-vending machines, and then we have Meadow delivering both weed and doctors.

HipHop star Snoop Dogg is reportedly raising around $25 million to help these small enterprises get a footing, so that there is enough pot for us all. We just hope that Snoop is able to spot the most promising talent in this field and help them flourish. This will automatically weed out (pun intended) dealers with bad product. Till then, listen to Snoop as he advices us to 'smoke weed everyday'.

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