Soccer Star Offers His Property As A Winter Haven For The Homeless

British soccer star, Gary Neville along with former teammate Ryan Giggs offer Manchester's homeless a winter haven in the city's former Stock Exchange building.

There is hope for humanity yet! Soccer star Gary Neville and his former teammate Ryan Giggs are giving shelter to homeless in the U.K. this winter.

Who ever said soccer players were selfish?

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gary neville and Ryan Giggs

Neville and Giggs own one of Manchester’s most famous landmarks, the former Stock Exchange building, which they purchased back in 2013 with renovation work set to begin this February.

They plan to turn the Stock Exchange building into a luxury boutique hotel with a rooftop terrace and private members area, but those plans have been placed on hold to allow a group of homeless people to take shelter there as the harsh winter weather approaches.

Neville boasts a notable soccer career, winning the Champions League twice, eight Premier League trophies, three FA Cups and two League Cups. He now works as a soccer correspondent on TV.

"He's such a down to earth guy,” human rights activist Wes Hall reportedly said, speaking of Neville. “He just wants to help people and this is absolutely wonderful. I know he's been helping the homeless community in Manchester for the past 10 years but this will allow us to really enable the community to make this into a hub."

The Manchester Angels, a group Hall works with, plans to make full use of the donated space to bring the community together and not only provide shelter but offer an entire center comprised of benefit advice, health checks, job training, hot meals and assistance finding permanent residence.

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A homeless charity called Homeless Link, estimates that Manchester has the fourth highest rate of “rough sleeping” in all of England, CNN reports.

"By bringing people together we can create social change,” Hall reportedly told CNN. “You can see from the reaction we've had on social media and the main stream media what an impact this is having. We're inviting all sectors of society in the city to get involved. We want businesses to come down and help — they've got so much to offer. We've got old ladies knitting hats and scarves, people bringing in food, others coming in to helping with benefits advice. It is uniting the community and shows what can be achieved."

Neville is receiving praise on social media for his generosity and Hall has already got his plans underway to develop a community driven center with other U.K. public figures and celebrities offering their services including a Christmas dinner to be whipped up by a renowned chef, according to CNN. 

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