Solitary Confinement And How It Destroys Mental States

“Solitary Nation” takes a painfully raw look at solitary confinement, a practice that America has become too reliant upon.

The Horrors of Solitary Confinement

Tom Clement, the head of Colorado's prison system, was murdered in his home by a former inmate who had been subjected to severe solitary confinement.

Tragically, only a few years ago, Clements told film director Dan Edge about his reservations over solitary confinement. Clements felt it was a destructive practice that was highly overused in American prisons and only made mental conditions go from bad to irreversible.

 This particular inmate had spent a very long time in solitary confinement.

Unfortunately, Clement’s words rang true. His death sheds light on the fact that whilst solitary confinement is based on a convenient and relevant argument that the most dangerous prisoners should be kept away from the rest of the prison population, it is not without a price.

It’s claustrophobic and suffocating to be mired in such a setting and that is the very topic that Dan Edge’s movie delves into: solitary confinement of prisoners with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Film director Dan Edge first met Tom Clements whilst filming his movie, which talked about prisoner who suffered from PTSD.

This is a dilemma of especially delicate nature. It’s like dealing with fine china. You must carry yourself with utmost caution and awareness. Worse still is the fact that no matter what conclusion is drawn, one will still second guess their choice and be left with a nagging sense of ambivalence.

Unfortunately, the problem isn’t quite as black and white as that.

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