5 Most Awful Things To Come Out Of The Sony Hack No One Is Talking About

Will the Guardians Of Peace who hacked Sony stop making the world an unbearable place to be in?

The so called Guardians of Peace who hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment have ensured that the world as we know it is anything but peaceful.

Like slow poison, they have been releasing private information onto the Internet such as leaked emails and unreleased films. Will Sony’s reputation be forever tarnished in the glitzy eyes of Hollywood that’s now engulfed in a storm of gossip frenzy?

It will probably take a lot more than simple apologies to get over these revelations, thanks to the #SonyHack.

Here’s a list of the most disturbing news that’s been made public.

1) How do you feel safe in a world where 007 is robbed?

spectre 007 script leaked

Although it has so far not been proven, the act of cyber terrorism is allegedly linked to North Korea’s threat over the making of a satire featuring the leader Kim Jong Un. Sounds like another James Bond plot in the making, doesn’t it? Well apparently that is only half of the story, as the script for Spectre which is due to be released in 2015, leaked online.

An epic fail of mass proportions can’t be very good for Bond’s reputation, especially as a ladies man – but hey, mum’s the word.

2) Yet Another Spiderman

spiderman reboot sonyhack

First, we loved Toby McGuire as Peter Parker throughout the Spiderman trilogy, especially when he made iconic kissing scenes with Kirsten Dunst. Then we loved Andrew Garfield as The Amazing Spiderman, and especially as Emma Stone’s on-screen/off-screen boyfriend. How many Spideys do we have to get used to?

Some of us do have a genuine phobia of the creepy crawlies!

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3) Ever thought Tom Cruise, Steve Jobs, Batman and Aaron Sorkin would be in the same sentence?

Steve Jobs Sony Hack

Before Sony bombed the biopic film about Steve Jobs and Universal Studios got the gig, Aaron Sorkin wanted Tom Cruise to play the visionary. Even weirder, Christian Bale was also in the running.

Wait, what? We really can’t see the Apple in these guys.

4) 16 years after being put off the air, Seinfeld is still cashing in:

Seinfeld sony hack

Isn’t’ that something for a show about nothing? Quite a lot of money from syndication deals to local affiliates is being bagged by Sony.

5) Last but not least, the possibility of a Kanye West feature film featuring none other than Kanye West.

Kanye West Feature Film

Yeah, that’ll help you sleep better at night for sure.

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