South African Girl Detained On The Way To Join ISIS

Well, this young lady didn't think this one through.

ISIS, 15 year old, South Africa

A 15 year old girl in South Africa got detained at the airport after she was believed to be heading to serve in ISIS.

It is the first arrest in South Africa linked to ISIS, but most likely not the last.

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The young girl was stopped at the airport when evidence in her bedroom revealed where she was going.

Investigators saw that she was in contact with ISIS recruiters, and now more research needs to be done to see if their are rings in the country.

Many arrests have been made around the world of people fleeing to serve in ISIS. Unfortunately, there are also many people who have slipped through the cracks, and have successfully made their way over.

It is no surprise that although the girl is only 15, she is a recruit. Many of the recruits by ISIS are as young as this girl, and even younger.


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