A Trip Into A South African Orphanage Will Make You Smile

Most GoPro clips show great adventure. This does too, just a different kind of adventure.

It feels like GoPro cameras are everywhere suddenly. People are uploading videos of them diving with sharks, racing through cities or going down the world's tallest water slide.

And those adventures are great. But it's even better when someone pairs a GoPro clip with a push to do good. 

Chris and Nick Grava began volunteering with a Khayelitsha, South Africa, orphanage two years ago. On his latest trip, Chris filmed seeing the kids for the first time after six months. He was also visiting Nick -- he now runs the orphanage.

You can feel the excitement from all sides as the old friends meet up again.

South Africa has a staggering 3.7 million orphans in a country of 51 million people. More than half of the children lost parents to HIV/AIDS; South Africa has the world's highest infection rate.

Without orphanages, the children are much more likely to be abused and exploited, develop substance abuse problems and commit crimes.

The Gravas are raising funds to support the orphanage. You can learn more about their campaign, as well as the orphanage, on Facebook and Twitter

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