How Catchy K-Pop Music Almost Drove North Korea To War

Fire at will...if the music doesn't stop immediately!

It's hard to believe but there exist some people who hate music with a passion. We're talking about the hatred that sends folks to war – quite literally.

This almost happened recently on the Korean peninsula where North Korea got so fed up with South's nonstop broadcast of its K-Pop songs at their border that it threatened to launch an all-out assault.

The saner South had apparently been mixing bits of pro-democratic news pieces with its world-renowned music, much to the North's anger. The broadcast glorifying democracy and criticizing Kim Jong-un, in North's opinion, were bad enough on their own, but the constant blasting of K-Pop tunes at the border pushed them over the edge.

With the Southerners' set of 48 giant speakers blaring out constant anti-Kim propaganda, the Hermit Kingdom kept its cool for two weeks. The songs were apparently heard as deep as 12 miles into the Northern territory.

As per New York Magazine, the two-pronged audio assault had DJs sending out messages like: "No foreign country will welcome Kim Jong-un, because he is a dictator. Thus, he is playing the king alone, on the red velvet"

But more painful proved to be the catchy K-Pop melodies with lyrics such as: "Tell me your wish, tell me your little dream, imagine your ideal type in your head, and look at me, I’m your genie, your dream, your genie."

The North's patience finally gave in, and officials threatened war unless the music stopped immediately. Considering their neighbors' tendency to keep its word when it comes to military attacks, the South backed off. The North too then abandoned its war plans.

We know that the North's military regime dislikes democracy, but music? Surely, K-Pop can't be that bad. Decide for yourself:

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