South Korea Kicking Out American Professor For Liking North Korean Beer

In South Korea, it's almost blasphemy to like North Korean beer or their rivers.

Shin Eun mi

South Korea is supposed to be the good Korea, but a recent news report suggests that the North's authoritative tendencies might have rubbed off on the saner South.

Seoul authorities revealed on Friday that they are strongly considering deporting Korean-American music professor Shin Eun-mi because she made the cardinal mistake of saying something positive about North Korea in one of her classes.

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The two Korean halves have had a big, gruesome war and a series of border skirmishes ever since they split up in 1945. It's no secret that their abhorrence for each other is as intense as any hatred on our planet. Since then, the democracy-governed South Korea has developed a squeaky clean image while the dictator-led North is widely regarded as the bad one.

But as that saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

kim jong un

Shin is a South Korean by birth, but has been to North Korea as well, thanks to her dual American nationality. There, in her capacity as a tourist, she liked the taste of North Korean beer, observed that its rivers were very clean and talked to a few locals who were hopeful that Kim Jong-un would bring prosperity to the region.

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She wrote about some of those pleasant North Korean memories and even shared her experience in a lecture in Seoul back in November last year. Knowing that someone on their part of the territory has something positive to say about their sworn enemies didn't sit well with South Korean officials, who, in their rage, are now considering doing what the tyrannical North would do in similar circumstances.

This is despite Shin's clarification that she was merely expressing what she felt during her Northern trips and is in no way a supporter of North Korea.

So much for the freedom of speech in the "good" Korea.

Update: As expected, South Korea on Saturday deported Shin who wept at at the Incheon International Airport while surrounded by reporters.

"Frankly speaking, I feel like I'm betrayed by someone who I have a crush on," the California-resident said but hoped that sanity would prevail and she'd be allowed back in both Koreas in future.   

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