South Korean Man Kills His Girlfriend – Then Impersonates Her For Days

He poured cement over Sunny Kim's dead body after covering it in a blanket. Later, he cut his wrists and turned himself in.

A South Korean man pretended to be his girlfriend for two weeks after he murdered her "in a fit of rage" for breaking up with him.

Identified only as Lee, the 25-year-old from Seoul strangled his girlfriend, Sunny Kim, 26, on May 2 and buried her body in a nearby hill after packing it in a suitcase and pouring cement over it.

For almost two weeks after killing her, Lee answered Kim’s texts, fooling people into believing that she was still alive. He was even able to deceive her sister – who wishes to remain anonymous – who told BuzzFeed that “[t]he way that he text[ed] me was how would my sister would text.”

The victim’s family also stated that on the day of her murder, Kim had just landed a job offer and signed her contract for a salary of about $135,000 USD. However, after she failed to show up for work for days, the company tried to contact Kim.

Lee, who had Kim’s cell phone, replied by texting “Don’t contact me. I am going back to the United States to study.”

Korean Girl Killed By Boyfriend

Kim went to the U.S. at the age of 14. She attended Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia and then later the State University of New York, Albany, where she was an economics student. After graduating, she moved back to South Korea, where she met Lee.

As per Kim’s brother’s account, Lee was abusive toward his sister.

“The criminal was my sister's abusive 24-year-old boyfriend from Gimhae, surnamed Lee," claimed Kim Sun-baek, 21, according to the Korea Times. "His kind character was a mask, because whenever they would fight, he would end it with violence."

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Lee eventually turned himself to authorities. He reportedly entered with his “wrists cut and bleeding,” telling officers that “I killed my girlfriend and buried the body. I also tried to kill myself,” BuzzFeed found. Subsequently, Kim’s body was discovered and Lee is due to appear in court in the coming days.

The victim’s friends and family have been fundraising for her family for weeks.

Last week, a candlelit vigil for Kim was also held in New York:

South Korean Man Kills His Girlfriend

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