S. Korean President Offers Her Salary To Help Young People Get Jobs

Park Geun Hye, the first female president of South Korea, promises to use her own money to help young people find employment.

South Korean President Park Geun Hye,

When it comes to actually demonstrating commitment to solve issues like youth unemployment, a lot of politicians can learn a thing or two from South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

Apart from setting up a special fund to help young people find jobs, the first female Korean head of state has promised to donate part of her monthly paycheck to the cause, according to The Korea Times.

“Park proposed the idea during a cabinet meeting to help the government successfully complete labor market reform,” said Ahn Jong-beom, senior presidential secretary for economic affairs, at a press briefing.

“She said she will be the first donor. We hope people from all walks of life, including prominent social leaders and businesspeople, will voluntarily donate money and join our efforts to provide jobs for young people.”

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The number of unemployed 20-somethings in Korea reached the highest this year (410,000, up from 330,00 in 2013) since 2000, according to numbers reported by the Korea Herald in July.

Previous government policies to tackle the issue have not proven effective. Adopting a different and a more personal approach this time around, Park offered to contribute 20% of her salary.

The newspaper noted Park's monthly contribution to the fund nears 3.2 million won (almost $3,000), given that her annual salary stood at 192 million won last year.

South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn also said he and other cabinet ministers as well as other heads of public organizations will also donate their money to the fund.

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