The Mascot’s Little Adventure With A Councilman Cost ASU Big Time

What was going to be an innocent attempt of indulging with a fan - turned into a disaster when ASU’s mascot accidently injured a fan.

Sparky Mascot

Sparky the sun devil, the official mascot for Arizona State University (ASU) has landed the university in trouble.  Sparky’s overzealous antics caused a city councilman named David Schapira a muscle tear in September. The councilman has filed a claim of $123,000 against the ASU. 

Schapira is asking for $96,146 in damages for himself and $27,000 for the City of Tempe due to expenses related to his injuries.

As per his claim, Schapira suffered a muscle tear as a result of the incident in which Sparky jumped on his back out of nowhere as a part of the game’s half time ceremony.

Even though it was an unfortunate incident and the university already did issue an apology and offered to pay for Schapira’s treatment, it won’t change how these damages will cost university big time. Schapira says despite the incident he still is a big fan of ASU and Sparky.

Sparky is a favorite with crowd and players but after this incident he will have to contain his overexcited self and think twice before jumping on anyone let alone a city councilman.

ASU Arizona Incident Claim News

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