Spokesman Fired For Racy Tweet From Congressman's Account

Congressman Raul Labrador delivered swift justice to staffer Phil Hardy for posting a racy tweet about 2 Broke Girls to Labrador's account.

Rep. Labrador, Republican of Idaho (who we wrote about yesterday) fired a spokesperson after this happened:

Whoops! The staffer, Phil Hardy, meant to tweet that from his own account. In a way it's too bad: Labrador's twitter feed is really boring. It could use a little personality. It's also too bad, because Hardy could have chosen a more tasteful way to have his fifteen minutes of fame. I watched all of the Super Bowl ads, and the 2 Broke Girls was probably the worst one. The entire point of the 2 Broke Girls ad is that the girls are sexy, and we know from the title that their broke. They'll probably do anything for money! The "joke" that punctuates the 2 Broke Girls commercial was so bad that I don't feel comfortable calling it a joke, so I'm going with "joke." The broke girls stop their poll dance, one of them asks "Wait, why are we doing this?" (fair question), the other replies, "For the Super Bowl!"

Yup, that's the joke. Maybe it played well with the "Me likey Broke Girls" crowd. Phil Hardy, after deleting the Labrador tweet all of 14 seconds after he tweeted it (not fast enough, internet caught him, which is the most amazing thing about this story), he put the line on his own account, and then in a seeming contradiction, retweeted Chuck Todd criticizing the ad and show:

Here, so you can decide if you likey or no likey, is the 2 Broke Girls Super Bowl commercial:

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