Boston Sports Host Calls For Roger Goodell's Murder In Jest

Venting out his frustration over DeflateGate, WEEI host Kirk Minihane took his sarcastic remarks about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to a whole new level.

Roger Goodell

Sports fanatics dislike NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for plenty of reasons – with his handling of DeflateGate and the controversial decision to suspend Tom Brady being the two biggest reasons he's one of the most unpopular sports figure.

Many people are frustrated with the 53-year-old, including Boston sports host Kirk Minihane, who went a little too overboard while expressing his outrage in a recent sports segment when he sarcastically suggested the solution to end Goodell's run as NFL commissioner was to "hire someone to murder him."

He even took it a step further by saying that Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a rich man, so it’s “not that complicated.”

His tactless attempt at jest soon started circulating on social media and sports blogosphere, enraging a significant number of people around the world.

However, it wasn’t long before some posted an extended version of the TV segment which showed Minihane passing off the comment as a joke.

Of course, many immediately jumped in for Minihane’s defense, claiming the host was just being sarcastic and that people are being too sensitive about it. Several supporters also claimed that the initial clip was edited to make Minihane look bad.

While there might be some truth to that, it’s a completely different debate altogether.

The fact remains that Minihane did say that Goodell should be killed. Even if he meant it as a joke, he certainly crossed a line with that remark, because joking about someone’s murder in the current hyperviolent climate is about as inappropriate as you can get on live television.

“We apologize for the sarcastic remarks guest Kirk Minihane said on our air last night,” said the statement issued by Comcast SportsNet, New England. “While clearly joking, it was a poor choice of words and obviously not representative of the network’s view.”

This is not the first time Kirk Minihane has faced the heat for his ridiculous comments.

In 2014, the WEEI host was suspended for a week following a sexist rant about Fox News reporter Erin Andrews.

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