Video Captures The Moment A New Jersey House Explodes

Nothing remains on the blast site except the charred basement foundation of the house.

A natural gas explosion completely leveled a house in New Jersey, leaving 15 injured and two in extremely critical condition. The blast occurred while utility workers were responding to the complaints of an unidentified gas leak that had filled the area with a strong smell.

The dash cam footage posted above captures the exact moment when the Stafford Township house blew up with a loud boom and the debris flew everywhere. Eye-witnesses claim the video doesn’t even do justice to the intensity of the blast.

"The house has been disintegrated," said Stafford Township Mayor John Spodofora. Nothing but the foundation basement is left on the spot where the structure once stood.

The blast shook the entire Oak Avenue neighborhood, blowing off windows of the houses down the street. Even the people in dentist’s office a third of a mile away from the site reportedly felt the shock wave of the blast.

Fortunately, none of the residents were home at the time of the deadly explosion.

Along with the utility workers, seven firefighters and two emergency medical service technicians also suffered concussion-like symptoms and are currently under treatment.

Authorities evacuated about 80 homes in the neighborhood due to safety concerns while more than 200 homes in the area remain without gas service and electricity. However, authorities claim the situation is now under control and they are still trying to figure out the exact reason behind the blast.

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