Stage Collapses Around Carly Fiorina During Texas Campaign Event

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO was addressing a gathering of female entrepreneurs in San Antonio when the huge stage setup behind her partially collapsed.

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina got a scare during a recent campaign event when a large swaying curtain came crashing down on her amid screams from the crowd.

The 61-year-old was speaking to the National Association of Women Business Owners when the stage backdrop – along with the metal rods and frame piping holding it together – crumbled and fell down, almost hitting the GOP frontrunner on the head.

Several women rushed to shield Fiorina from the crippling frame, which fortunately did not fall directly on top of her.

Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek was also able to capture the moment on camera and share it on Twitter, where he claimed that after the curtain fell, someone yelled out, “Trump!,” to which the 2016 presidential hopeful replied: “Trump, Hillary (Clinton), it could've been lots of people.”

Needless to say, while this event would have scared absolutely anybody, Fiorina’s quick-witted response is a testament that she’s one tough lady.

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“For the last several minutes, I was thinking, ‘I feel sorry that they’re just standing up here behind me,’” Fiorina said, directing her thanks to the two women who formed a protective shield around her. “And now I realize they were my guardian angels.”

After making sure that people in the crowd were OK following the incident, she continued taking questions, according to reporters present during the event.

Although neither Fiorina nor the attendees were injured during the tumbling tapestry incident, some superstitious fans might not see the incident as a good sign.

Meanwhile, a recent national poll by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News has revealed that Carly Fiorina is indeed showing strength. In fact, she netted 11 percent support, putting her right behind GOP candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

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