U.S. Starbucks Finally Making One Of The World's Most Popular Drinks

If U.S. coffee drinkers don't know what a "flat white" is, they're in a for a delicious treat.

If you ask an Australian what a real coffee is, their answer will most probably be a "flat white."

Flat white coffee, the national breakfast beverage of Australia, has been gaining world-wide recognition. Originally brewed in Australia in 1980s, the drink is also quite popular in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, where the percentage of coffee drinkers is comparatively lower than that of the US.

Possibly due to its increasing demand among the consumers, America’s global coffee company Starbucks, has also decided to introduce the flat white to its menu in the United States. It'll be available in Starbucks stores from Jan 6.

However, this news has created a hot debate as to what a flat white actually is.

Starbuck defines flat white as "expertly steamed whole milk poured over two shots of espresso, topped with micro-foam swirled into beautiful latte art."

Meanwhile, Reuters executive Jason Fox has a different claim.

“It’s like a cappuccino, except that instead of a top layer of flavorless, airy, milky foam, it’s a velvety, dense foam that is mixed evenly through the drink,” he said.

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Starbucks’ decision to include flat whites on the menu is also being viewed as an attempt to earn credibility after years of serving fancy caffeine concoctions.

While some coffee drinkers are happy with this development, some are worried that Starbucks baristas will butcher the drink and serve up some self-made brew in the name of flat white.

Flat white has been present on UK Starbucks' menu since 2010.

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