Starbucks Banned This Item And Now People Are Boycotting

Recent changes in Starbucks' policy caused a stir on social media.


Starbucks employees have been banned from wearing engagement rings, or any other rings with stones on them. This has caused an outrage that is evident from the angry tweets with the hashtag #boycottstarbucks  flooding social media.

The new guidelines are delivered in a rather eye-catching infographic and are evidently in line with federal food safety guidelines.

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The fine print states that “wearing a ring is OK if it’s a plain band, no stones.” When it comes to piercings, Starbucks chooses to apply a “less is more” approach. And as far as tattoos are concerned, they’re allowed, but employees are cautioned to “treat tattoos as you treat speech – you can’t swear, make hateful comments or lewd jokes in the workplace, neither can your tattoos.”

It’s no surprise that with limited jewelry options, Starbucks baristas have felt an accessorizing void. But, for the most part, the focus has been on those rings. Because engagement rings tend to have stones on them, it seems that this change in policy is taken the wrong way by people who are a fan of engagement rings or people’s right to show them off.

Perhaps this Beyonce inspired wisdom, with all this focus on putting on rings, particularly the ones with bling, has gone just a little too far.

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