Forget The Cups, Starbucks Grants Free Tuition to Military Families

Starbucks has extended free college tuition to the families of its veteran employees.

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Starbucks could certainly use some good PR amidst the strangely rampant controversy concerning its red holiday cups, and it seems it has found the perfect way to do so: the company has announced it will now offer free college tuition to military employees’ families.

Thanks to a partnership with Arizona State University, Starbucks has always granted free tuition to any military veterans working more than 20 hours a week through its “College Achievement Plan.” The terms allow any veteran to enroll in ASU’s online degree program, which more than 4,000 individuals have taken advantage of. Now, Starbucks is extending that same benefit to the spouses or children of any veteran employees.

ASU will pay 42% of the tuition, while Starbucks covers the remaining 58%; with tuition potentially totaling up to $15,000 a year, it is undoubtedly a generous move on Starbucks’s part.

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Starbucks has historically had a good relationship with veterans—it has hired more than 5,500 military veterans and spouses within the past few years, and the company aims for that number to become 10,000 by 2018.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asserted in a statement that, “We must put our thanks into action and collectively help those who are making the transition from military to civilian life. Not only do we have a moral duty to engage veterans once they leave the service, we know that doing so in a meaningful way will ultimately strengthen our nation.”

It's a solid move for a company that's supposedly embroiled in a "War on Christmas."

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