Stephen Colbert Interviewed for NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ as Himself (Video)


Stephen Colbert appeared in NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ and sat down with David Gregory for an one-on-one interview, where he talked about his show, his character on the show, the presidential elections and of course, his new book.

For one, he was not in his character but the man Stephen Colbert himself. Secondly he was funny, yes, but very serious as well in answering the questions put to him.

Talking of the elections and the results, he said, "I think that there is a possibility that Obama would be, say, more aggressive — a more aggressive reformer or changer in the second act of his presidency. And I don't really know how. I also don't know how Mitt Romney would govern. He might govern as a technocrat."

In his opinion, after the first Presidential debate, Romney has gained considerable ground from being someone not many took very seriously to someone to be reckoned with.

On being questioned whether there was a point to his satirical reviews, he claimed that satire was ‘parody with a point’ otherwise, it would be schizophrenia!

He also talked about his new book, “America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't,” the main point in the book according to him is the thought that “America is perfect and we have to fix it!” He being himself even wrote a review for his own book (in character of course) for GQ!

He claims the book has “commonsense answers to people’s problems.”

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