Here's What Jeb Bush Really Thinks About Obama - Video

Jeb Bush, Republican White House contender, showed a witty and humorous side of himself as Stephen Colbert's first political guest on "The Late Show."

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert finally premiered with an extra-long edition and (thankfully) looked like the perfect mixture of oddball humor and wittiness – just what fans hoped for.

Colbert hosted several high-profile guests in his first episode of the show, which was created for David Lettermen 22 years ago. However, his interview with Jeb Bush stands out for one good reason: Colbert almost got the presidential hopeful to say something nice about President Barack Obama.

"I don't think Barack Obama has bad motives,” Bush said. “I just think he's wrong on a lot of issues."

The audience started to slightly clap before the second part of Bush's statement, then fell silent. 

"Oh, you were so close!" Colbert exclaimed. "You were so close to getting them to clap. You gotta pause 'til they clap and then hit 'em with what they don't want to hear."

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Bush also said that he was quite different from his brother, former President George W. Bush, and disagreed with him on many points.

Just how different, Colbert wondered. The reply was a quaint "younger" and "better looking."

Watch the video posted above to find out what exactly Bush had to say about Obama during Colbert’s debut.

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