Stephen Colbert Mocks KTVU For Their Reporting Made Up Names Of Asiana 214 Pilots! (Video)


Back from his vacations, Stephen Colbert hasn’t lost his touch! In this episode he mocks KTVU for their reporting on the Asiana Flight 214 Crash especially the KTVU’s giving out a series of joke-names for the pilots of the Asiana plane that crashed in San Francisco last week.

They actually gave out the names as:

Captain Something Wrong
Way too low
Holy f*ck
Bang, ding, ow!

They later realized that it was a joke!

However Colbert’s issue was a tad on the other side, het took supreme offence on the fact that the channel not only gave out wrong names, the fake names were Chinese when the airline was Korean!

In Colbert’s suggestion had they been Park Ma Plen Tu Sun or Ha Yu Lan Dis Tang, it would still be forgivable! 

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