Stephen Colbert On Monsanto: GMO Wheat Is 'The Return Of The Walking Bread'


On the recent episode of “The Colbert Report,” Stephen Colbert broached Monsanto’s GMO wheat controversy. He minced no words, but in his own way in his usual witty way.

Comparing the wheat to zombies, he called it “amber waves of frankengrain” and "the return of the walking bread."

A genetically modified test strain of wheat that emerged to the surprise of an Oregon farmer last month was likely the result of an accident or deliberate mixing of seeds, the company said also adding that it was an isolated occurrence. They also say it could be sabotage. So what is the truth?

Colbert has a way to find out.

"At this point, [the wheat itself] can probably talk" he says in his wicked, tongue-in-cheek way, so why not and solve the mystery!

Why not, indeed?

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